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How it works

Activity Link Systems (ALS) is the largest provider of activity desk and vendor reservation software in Hawaii. We are launching a service to provide reservation information instantly to the vendors from any activity desk using our software. This program, called Vendor Confirmations, is designed to save you, the vendor, and the activity agent time and alleviate costly mistakes.

Whether or not you are an ALS client you can benefit from Vendor Confirmations. Our activity desk software, AL-Desk, now has the ability to transmit voucher information to you instantly. AL-Desk users can provide you with a single number that allows you to see the voucher information you would otherwise be given over the phone. This number is called the ALN Confirmation number.

You can access ALN Confirmations from either a web site, or after downloading a small application. Either way you will enjoy the ability to see and research detailed vouchering booking information without having to re-contact the agent.

Upon request you will be provided with login information to ActivityLink.NET which you will use to log into the network using the login that you see on the right of this page.

After a successful login you will be presented with a Confirmation Search page.


Optionally you can use the advanced search to search other criteria as View All

By simply typing in the Vendor Confirmation supplied by the booking agent you will be able to see all of the applicable vouchering information.


After reviewing, you may enter your confirmation number/name. This information will automatically become available to the AL-Desk user. Or you can use the One Click Add Fast Confirm Text option to put in ALN:todays date. Just click on the save button and you are done!



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