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Vendor A/P Processing

One of the most important tasks for any activity vendor is to get paid promptly. Activity Link Systems (ALS) can help with that task by allowing any vendor to submit their invoices to agencies via the ALN network using Vendor A/P Processing.

The vendor only needs to get a login and will be able to streamline the payment process from any agency that uses our flagship activity desk product AL-Desk.

Vendors can then create a CSV file, using excel or their own accounting software, and submit it to this web site. The targetted agency will then be able to electronically process the invoice quickly and easily so that the payment process is facilitated.

Our Vendor product, AL-Pro, has this feature built into it so that AL-Pro users can submit invoices with the click of a mouse.

Read more about the details of Vendor A/P Processing submissions, download sample submissions, download sample Excel Spreadsheet and run test submission.

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